Gravelbourg is a small, historically francophone town found in south central Saskatchewan. It is located within a well-trafficked corridor and is roughly 110 kms from Moose Jaw, Swift Current, and the United States border.

The region served as a path for First Nations peoples many years ago, and was also integrated into the Redcoat Trail of the 19th century. Gravelbourg is now a key link on the 21st century Trans Canada Trail.


  • Latitude: 49 degrees 53' N
  • Longitude: 106 degrees 33' W
  • Elevation: 700.1m
  • Time Zone: Central Time Zone

Highway Access

Highway access to Gravelbourg is provided by Highway #43 (east-west) and Highway #58 (north-south). Both highways are paved, two-lane surfaces. Gravelbourg is only 72 km south of the Trans Canada Highway.

Airport Services

The Gravelbourg Airport is located on the west side of town. It includes a 2,500-foot by 75-foot paved runway, taxi strip and apron. The runway is night-lit, and has a capacity for light aircraft. The airport's elevation is 700 meters (2,294 ft) above sea level.

Distance from Gravelbourg to...



Moose Jaw

118 km / 73 miles

Canada - United States Border

121 km / 75 miles

Swift Current

130 km / 81 miles


196 km / 122 miles


343 km / 213 miles


647 km / 402 miles

United States Ports of Entry

  • Port of West Polar River - Highway 2
  • Port of Coronach - Highway 36
  • Port of Monchy - Highway 4