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The Co-Cathedral, built in 1919, is a nationally renowned landmark. Monsignor Charles Maillard, the resident priest, designed the interior of the cathedral and painted the extensive murals between 1921 and 1931. Monsignor Maillard embellished the church with scenes from the Old and New Testament of the Bible. He focused on illustrating the four following levels: the sins of the world; the fourteen Stations of the Cross; the life and death of St. Philomena and all aspects above the life and death of St. Philomena. Visitors will be amazed at the well-preserved conditions of the paintings. 

All stained glass found in the building cam from France and the Bishop's Chair dates back to the 17th century. Once used by Italian Royalty, the Bishop's Chair was brought to Canada by the Order of Jesus-Mary. Originally named the church of St. Philomena, it was changed to Our Lady of the Assumption Cathedral in 1965 as at this time St. Philomena was denounced as a saint when they could not find her corpse in the catacombs. This building has been a "Co-Cathedral" since the Diocese of Gravelbourg amalgamated with the Diocese of Regina in 1998. Previously it had the status of a Cathedral.

Guided tours of the Co-Cathedral are conducted year round. Please contact Louis Stringer at (306) 650-8228. 

For a complete history of the Co-Cathedral, please visit their website.