125 2nd Avenue West

Lorenzo Guay, who modeled it after one he had seen in France, built this home in 1927. A building contractor, Mr. Guay settled in Gravelbourg in 1911. He also worked on the construction of the Co-Cathedral, the college, the kindergarten, and the hospital. This stately home, commonly referred to as "the Castle," was once the residence of Dr. Joseph Antoine Soucy.

From Heritage Gravelbourg District 1906-1935

Doctor J. A. Soucy was born on a small farm in Cacouna, Québec, in 1989. He comlpleted his classical education in Rimoouski, Québec before entering Laval University in Quebec city for his medical studies. At the rquest of Bishop Mathieu of Regina, former rector of Laval University, "Doc," as his friends called him, left his native province of Québec in 1913. After a six-month stay in Meyronne, he established permanent residence in Gravelbourg. In 1914, conditions were primitive, work plentiful, arduous and challenging. The young medical doctor soon acquired a great love for this new land and its hardy settlers. Through the decades that followed, he not only shared the hardships of depression, drought and crop failures but also the joy insprired by the growth of the community. 


From his arrival in the West in 1913, Dr. Soucy helped individuals with their ailments, difficulties and problems. To many he was a counsellor and advisor; to others, he was a consoler in times of sorrow; to all, he was a server to mankind. He fought the "flu" epidemic following World War I, going many hours without adequate rest, risking his own life in the fight for the preservation of the life of others. He braved many winter storms and very cold temperatures in answering sick calls, having to travel through drifts and blocked roads by horse and sleigh. Day and night, holidays and Sundays, seven days a week, he was available to the beck and call of the cititzens of Gravelbourg and surrounding districts. He took the Depression in stride, serving all, and receiving remuneration only form the few who could afford to pay. Skilled as a surgeon, able as a diagnostician, and considerate as a physician, Dr. Soucy had all the necessary attributes to make him a top-notch country doctor. In sprite of a very busy schedule, he was always actively interested in an contributed to the community projects. The citizens of Gravelbourg were more than fortunate in having him to serve the community.

Dr. Soucy passed away on November 17, 1972 at St. Joseph's Hospital. He was eighty-three. Gravelbourg's primary green space, Soucy Park, was named in hounour of this remarkable physician.